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First Name Last Name Position Email
Jose Ancona Spanish Teacher
Chilavo Anderson Counselor
Molly Arboleda Teacher
Lisa Banks-Toma Clinical Psychologist
Barbara  Bilderback EL Teacher
Marina Blyzka Support Secretary
Beth Bodnar Social Science
Robert  Bolton Science Teacher
Steve Boyd Career Tech
Kristi Brandt Nurse
Aaron Burke Spanish Teacher
Ryan  Campuzano PE Teacher
Lena  Carter Counselor
Brittany Carvalho Teacher
Rosalinda Castillo PE Teacher
David  Chamberlain English Teacher
Kandice Chua Math Teacher
Laurie Ciszek Counselor
Micah Cohen Psychologist
Mike  Collins PE Teacher
Brian Cooper Math Teacher
Cindy Cress Secretary - Discipline
Wendy Crilly Math teacher
Kristin  Crowell English Teacher
Crystal  Davila Sp. Ed Teacher
Clara Dehmer Assistant Principal
Scarlett DeLao Math Teacher
Deana Delgado Office Manager
Anthony DiGiulio English Teacher
Cheryl DiGiulio Resource Liason
Randy Dingwall Science Teacher
Marilyn Dotts Health Services Assistant
Ryan Easton Social Science
Josie Edwards   Attendance Clerk
Krista  Elhai Theater Director
Tara Ervin Math Teacher
Allison Evans English Teacher
Tom  Evans ROP Theatre Tech Instructor
Maria Flores Math Teacher
Lynn  Forester ASB Office Manager
Erin Fowler English Teacher
Joseph Galindo Sp. Teacher
Armanda  Garcia-Lopez Spanish Teacher
Kevin  Glavin English Teacher
Jennifer Gomez Social ScienceTeacher
Molly  Goodreau Special Ed Teacher
Arcie Hadfield Receptionist
Ruthe Haller Secretary
Carolyn  Han Science Teacher
Jack Harper Science Teacher/ASB Director
Paula Hebert Counselor
Miles Henderson Assist. Principal
Octavio Hernandez Social Science Teacher
Shane Hile   Sp. Ed Teacher
Sara Hills Video Prod Teacher
Robert  Hoyle Science teacher
Tanja Irvine Career Center Technician
Gerald Jo  ROP Teacher
Lisa  Kao English Teacher
Tamara Kirkpatrick Art Teacher
Gail  Kusano Math Teacher
Victoria Landers Math Teacher
Mariana Lanz SpanishTeacher
Jacqueline Levi SPED Teacher
James Londagin ROP Instructor
Terrance  Lynch PE Teacher
Marielle Masson French Teacher
Rick Melanson VAPA Teacher
James Mitchell Assistant Principal
Suzanne Miller Career Center 
Nicki  Mitchell Counselor
Jenna Mittman Science Teacher      
Linda  Moule Science Teacher
Anne Mumper Art Teacher
Jim Munsey Librarian
Brian  Nehring English Teacher
Tamara Nicoll English/German Teacher
Jaimie Oberbeck Math Teacher
Ruth  Ojeda Special EdTeacher
Richard  O'Neill Math Teacher
Sara Panza Psychologist
Kathy Pate Special Education Teacher
Kimberly  Patterson Health Services Assistant
Heather Pedevillano Athletic Trainer
Ryan Pettibone    Science Teacher
Deborah Pierce English Teacher
Bruce  Pottorff Soc Science/ Photography Teacher
Wendy Reeder Spanish Teacher
Debra Reynoso Secretary - Discipline
Melanie Riley-Gonzalez Band Director
Marci Rienstra Speech Therapist
Tawnee Rivera PE Teacher
Marizka  Rivette Science Teacher
Helen  Roberts Special Ed Teacher
Kristin Rodriguez Science Teacher
Kathi Rollman Special Ed Teacher
David  Sawhill Math/Yearbook Teacher
Levi  Sieg Social Science Teacher
Natalie  Sieg IB Coordinator/Soc Science Teacher
Patrick  Smolenski Math Teacher
Brian  Sosnovsky Physical Education Teacher
Matthew  Sprankle Social ScienceTeacher
Diane Stalwick ASB Clerk
Martha  Stein English Teacher
Emily Stevenson Guidance Secretary
Aide Suarez Spanish Teacher
Robert Thomas Social Science
Cleo Tobbi English Teacher
Sarah Tonks Science
Jeremy Troesh Counselor
Jennifer Tsai   German Teacher
Eric Tucker Science Teacher
Jillian Turnbull Social Science Teacher
Lilia Villegas Spanish Teacher
Kimberly  Watkins EnglishTeacher
Anthony Webner Social Science
Joel  Wilson Music teacher
Melissa Wonacott Photography Teacher
Adam Wong Special Ed Teacher
Judy Yu Math Teacher
Hortense Yomba French Teacher
Maria Zavala English Teacher