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English Resource Books

English Resource Books

Resource books are designated English novels that each individual English teacher will assign throughout the school year.  There are many titles teachers have to choose from, some of which include:  In Cold Blood, Night, The Great Gatsby, Animal Farm and many more.

When the teacher assigns a title that is within their curriculum for that course, the students will come with their class to check out the book.  Students will have the book for the entire semester. It is their responsibility to return it when they are done, not the teachers. Students will come with their Claremont High School picture ID card to check out the book.  If the student has outstanding debts or material, in relation to resource books, he/she will not be issued the next novel, until debts are cleared.  This is done to assure there will be books for the next class needing them.  (Textbooks are treated differently under the Williams Act.)  If the student is absent on the day the class comes to check out the title, it is the student's responsibility to get the book either before school, at lunch or after school, as to not disrupt their class time.  The date is stamped on the inside of the front cover, so there is no excuse for not knowing when the book is due.


These resource books are on loan from the Claremont High School Library.  With a loan also comes a penalty or consequence when not returned on time.  The fine that is assessed to the resource books is currently $ .25 per day the CHS Library is open.  The CHS Library always has the resource books due on Fridays.  This allows us to give a grace period of one day, the following Monday.  NO FINE will be charged if the book is returned by the following Monday.  If the book is not returned by Monday, the fine incurred will include Monday as an overdue day and therefore be a $.50 on Tuesday.

Stolen, Lost or Damaged Books

The average cost of replacing a resource book is $15.00.  There are some that are more expensive.  The replacement policy for a resource book will be the same as a library book.  Students will have to pay the cost of the book and the overdue fine, since they have kept that book away from other students in need.  This policy can be found on this website or in the Parent-Student Handbook.