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IB Diploma Program

IB Life at CHS

College Choice and IB

IB university policy index - (View a list of colleges here)

The university policy index captures the recognition policies reported to the IB by universities from around the world. This index allows ...more

Registration for NEW IB students

Students interested in registering for the full diploma should be familiar with these documents.

IB Course Planner

IB Student Agreement/Contract 

NEW Managebac Account Survey- Create an account 


How well do CHS students do on IB assessments?

IB Exams

11-12 12-13 13-14 14-15 15-16 16-17
Passing Rate 80.0 83.6 86.9 81.6 82.0 80.0
Number of Exams 351 335 381 293 417 484
Number of students tested 116 109 92 119 153 176

General Information



The IB Diploma Program is offered to juniors and seniors who wish to pursue a comprehensive educational program to prepare for college


Advantages of the Full-Diploma

  • Coordinated Education
    • Courses all have inquiry-based focus
    • Hands-on investigations
    • Choice in major projects
    • Common topics taught in many classes
    • Coordination of due dates
  • Sense of community
    • Among students
    • With teachers
  • Second high school diploma that is recognized worldwide.
  • Courses with an International focus
  • Many US colleges confer course credit and other privileges to IB Diploma holders


Requirements to earn the Full Diploma

To earn the full-diploma students must:

1. Complete the following course requirements:

  • Three Higher-level classes (two-year courses)
  • Three Standard-level ...more

How many students participate in the IB program at CHS?

Currently we have 168 full-diploma candidates in the junior and senior classes. Approximately, 35% of all juniors and seniors take at least one ...more

What makes IB different from AP?


  • Rigorous
  • College credit awarded based on performance
  • External assessments based on writing


  • AP offers independent courses; IB offers a coordinated ...more

IB Calendar

Contact and Give

Natalie Sieg, IB Coordinator, 909-624-9053 ext 30438 or email:


Donations are always welcome, your support helps provide testing materials, classroom supplies, professional development, and experiences for students within the IB program. We thank you for supporting CHS IB. 




IB Transcript Request

IB will send an official transcript of your scores to one university or college in the United States for free, if the request is made before May 26, 2018 FRIDAY. Otherwise a fee will be charged. Please click below to order your free copy of transcripts.

IB Course Descriptions

IB School Profile

Below are the course descriptions as  provided by the IBO

Biology HL

History of the Americas HL

Literature HL

Mathematics HL

German, French or Spanish SL

Mathematics SL

Math Studies SL

Physics SL

Psychology SL

Music SL

Core Elements (TOK, CAS and EE)

Descriptions coming soon:  Sports, Exercise and Health Science, Theatre and Visual Arts, Enviro Systems (ESS).