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Course Selection for 2022-2023

Course Selection Schedule

Rising Seniors

2/17/2022: Presentations in junior English classes

2/17/2022: Webinar for Parents and Student

2/27/2022: Course selection form closes

3/1/2022 - 3/11/2022: Individual Meetings with Counselors

RISING Juniors

3/7/2022: Presentations in sophomore English classes (Recording)

3/7/2022: Webinar for Parents and Student (Recording)

3/13/2022: Course selection form closes

3/15/2022 - 3/21/2022: Individual Meetings with Counselors

Rising Freshmen

3/9/2022: Presentations in 8th History classes (Recording)

3/9/2022: Webinar for Parents and Student (Recording)

3/10/2022: Counselors available to answer questions at Open House (Q&A Link)

3/15/2022: Course selection form closes

Rising Sophomores

3/24/2022: Presentations in freshmen English classes (Recording)

3/24/2022: Webinar for Parents and Student (Recording)

4/1/2022: Course selection form closes

4/12/2022 - 4/18/2022: Individual Meetings with Counselors

Course Selection / Planning Webinars

Hello Class of 2025,

Counselors visited Freshmen English classes on Thursday, March  24th to guide you through course selections for sophomore year.  We are using an editable Google form this year.   On Thursday evening at 6:00 pm counselors hosted a webinar on Zoom for students and parents as well.  Counselors will meet with each freshman starting April 12th via PE classes to review progress, credits, confirm post graduation plans and confirm sophomore year requests.  Summer school options will also be reviewed. 

We look forward to getting you ready for junior year! 

Webinar Recording

Presentation Slides

Presentation in Freshmen English Classes

Course Selection Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the Course Selection Form?  You can access the course selection using the links to the right.  Course selection forms open the morning of counselor presentations and close at 11:59 pm on the specified dates (see schedule to the left).  Students must be logged into their CUSD google accounts to access the course selection form.

I already submitted the Course Selection Form, can it be edited?  Up until the specified deadline, you can edit your course selection forms as many times as you would like by accessing the same links on the right.  Students must be logged into their CUSD google accounts to edit the course selection form.  

Where can I found out more information about the courses offered at CHS?  The course description book and CHS elective offerings are excellent resources to discover more about the wide array of classes offered at CHS.  Students may also visit the Counseling Office during office hours and lunch time to talk with a counselor.

I missed the student/Parent Webinar.  Where can I view the recording?  All Counseling presentations are stored on our  CHS Counseling YouTube Channel.

How do I register for Summer School?  Follow this link to register for CHS summer school courses.  Summer School Pre-registration