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Library Shelving Test

Test your skills in sorting and shelving library books. Although simplistic, the knowledge is great.

Mrs. Lodges Shelving Game


The library is a place for study, homework and reading; therefore, we maintain a study environment for students. Students are expected to use low voices and respect themselves, each other, the staff and their surroundings. Students behaving inappropriately will be given one warning.  Students who continue to behave inappropriately will be asked to leave or escorted out by campus proctors/security.  All school policies apply in the library.  Absolutely no food, drink or cell phone use is permitted in the library. 

During Office Hours on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday students should be on task with their academic work. Electronic devices are allowed to be used unless they are abused.  If this happens, students will lose their opportunity to use electronic devices.

Students have plenty of time during passing periods, before school, at lunch and after school to use the computer lab or library on their own time. Students will not be allowed to use the computer lab during class unless their teacher has made the appropriate arrangements.

Welcome to the Library

About the Library

The Claremont High School Library contains over 20,000 fiction, non-fiction, biographies, reference and resource titles.  These titles can be checked out to students for periods of two weeks at a time.  Books can be renewed indefinitely.  A fine of $.25 per day is charged for all items returned after the two week loan period.  Unlike resource books there are no grace period days for library books.  Library books must be renewed before the due date passes, in order to avoid a fine.

Students are responsible for all library materials checked out to them.  This includes textbooks, resource books and library books, if the student loses a library book, the library will follow the lost textbook policy found in the Parent-Student Handbook.  The student will pay the cost of the fine plus the cost of the book.  The cost of the fine shall not exceed the cost of the book. 

For example if a student loses a $10 library book and does not notify us that they lost it, the most a student would pay would be $20.  The cost of the book and the fine as listed above.

Class Visits

The teacher-librarian welcomes teachers to bring their classes to the library to work together on meaningful, units of instruction.   Library materials may also be checked out to teachers to use in classrooms for a limited period of time.

Library Use During Class Time

Students must show the teacher's note and current student ID when coming to use the library. Students are expected to be in their assigned class for the duration of that class and should not be using the library without supervision of their teacher. However, if a teacher sends a student with the appropriate credentials, students shall not use library materials to finish work from a class they are not currently attending.  For example: If a student is in math, they should not be in the library to finish an English paper.

Make-Up Tests

The library is unable to monitor exams.  Teachers, please make arrangements with a neighboring teacher for make up exams.


The Claremont High School Library strongly encourages teachers to display their student's projects.  We will make the room if it becomes impacted.

Computer Use

All students are able to access computers in the library using their Moodle and Google Doc accounts. Each student has been given this information with their registration information. Students should be aware to log "off" when they are finished. Students are able to use the computers, as individuals, before school, at lunch and after school or at passing periods. Passing periods will be on their own time, no passes will be written.




Gliffy is diagram software for venn diagrams, flow charts, org charts and many more! If you use the free software, your charts will become public.  If you pay for the next level of software, your charts will remain private.



Prezi is also free presentation that allows users to create, collaborate and present their ideas.  You'll have to create a free account in order to use it.



Lucid chart is more online diagramming software that has collaborative capabilities. There are four tiers of pricing; the free version has limited storage.

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