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ASB Web Store Information

You must create an account to purchase student specific items.
To complete your account set up you must reply to the system generated email sent to you by the ASB Web Store.
If your account is a parent account you must add your student to “My Family” in the My Account page of the Web Store.
To add your student you will need to type in their student ID number…Do not type in their name. If you type in their name it will say “no student found.”
Students who enrolled after the beginning of school may not be in the system and therefore will not show up when you attempt add their ID number.  In this case, call the ASB Office at 909-624-9053, ext. 30450 to have your student added. 
If you cannot find the item you wish to purchase, select the item category from the “Product Categories” drop down menu.
Select the category of the item you are purchasing; ie: Testing will have IB tests, dances will have the dance tickets.


Octavio Hernandez, ASB Director, 624-9053 ext 30449

Lynn Forester, ASB Office Manager, ext 30451

Diane Stalwick, ASB Office Clerk, ext 30450

ASB Office Fax #                  (909) 621-6832