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Textbook Rules

Textbook Rules

1) Students should write their name and year inside front cover (This is the only writing allowed in book). This helps the student find their book quicker, while in class. The name in the book does NOT qualify as defining the book as a student's. The barcode is the only verification the library will accept for students turning in their books.

2) Make note of EACH BAR CODE of your books. THE EXACT BAR CODE issued to you is the same one that needs to be returned by you when you are finished with the book. Either at the end of class or when the teacher is done using the book. The name in the book, does NOT qualify as ownership of the book for purposes of associating the book with a student.

3) Students DO NOT SHARE LOCKERS...the books issued to you are your responsibility...If you share with one friend, you are sharing with the entire school. (Lockers are on loan during the school year. They are not to be used the day after graduation until the start of school. All textbooks are to be returned by the last day of finals. ANY BOOK FOUND LEFT IN A LOCKER WILL BE ASSESSED A BOOK ABANDONMENT FEE OF $5/BOOK). PLEASE CLEAR YOUR PE and SCHOOL LOCKER BY THE GRADUATION.


5) Students will have three weeks after checkout to return their book if there is damage. If the student doesn't return their book it will be deemed the damage occurred while in the possession of the current student. The excuse of "that's the way you gave it to me" or "I didn't do that" will not be accepted.  REBIND CHARGES ARE $15, MISSING BAR CODES ARE $5, BOOK ABANDONMENT FEE $5 (charged when any proctor or staff member returns a book that was left outside during the school year or in a locker at the end of the year.)

6) DO NOT TAPE OR REPAIR THE TEXTBOOK YOURSELF. Please bring it to the library and have us decide what is best for the book. We will give the student the best possible option to put a book in their hand.

7) If you cover your book please use a larger cover than the book...USE A PAPER BAG IF POSSIBLE, any sticky covers are prohibited and the stretchy covers are frowned upon as they break the binding of the book, which the cost will be assessed to the student.