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Claremont High School

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    Baldy View ROP ROP stands for Regional Occupational Program. There are 74 Regional Occupational Centers and Programs in the state of California that provide career technical education. ROP courses are designed for high school students and adults to provide quality career technical education and hands-on experience.

    Schulen  Partner der Zukenft

    The PASCH initiative ("Schools: Partners for the Future“) is a global network of more than 2000 schools that maintains a close relationship to both, Germany and German language.  The Goethe-Institut supports over 600 schools in the national education systems of over 100 countries. Claremont High is 1 of 13 PASCH schools in the United States.

    Immigration Resources

    Claremont Unified School District is committed to providing a safe space for learning for each and every student, regardless of immigration status. click here for information

    Additional information can be found at this website:
    LACOE Immigration Issues


    ACSA Advocacy Education is a Right

    Recursos Inmigración

    Claremont Unified School District se compromete a proveer un lugar seguro para la educación de todos y cada uno de sus estudiantes, independientemente de sus condiciones migratorias. Para información haga click aquí

    Puede obtener más información en el sitio web:
    LACOE Recursos de Inmigracion

    Para mas informacion acerca de DACA:
    ACSA informacion


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    Positive Behavior interventions & support

    PBIS Coalition Silver medal 2018



    About Us

    Claremont High School (CHS) is located in Southern California about thirty miles east of Los Angeles. Nestled in the San Gabriel Valley and the City of Claremont, Claremont High School is within walking distance of the consortium of seven Claremont Colleges.

    Claremont High School serves 2,400 students. The school is proud of its rich diversity, which is noted in over twenty different languages spoken. The student community is 45% White, 29% Hispanic, 13% Asian and Pacific Islander, and 8% African-American. Over 96% are fluent English speakers. Claremont High serves approximately thirty-five orthopedically handicapped students from the Claremont Unified School District and surrounding districts.

    Staff and students work hard to build a culture of respect and pride. There is a school culture of strong achievement by all students and an expectation of respect for each other.

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